Want an overview of Mythic+ Rating of different characters or alts? Look no further!

By signing up for this website you will get the possibility to create sharable pages with Mythic+ ratings of different characters. For example all of your alts, the characters of your M+ group or your friends characters.

An example how the Mythic+ information will be showed can be seen below.

2768.9Night ElfBloodDeath Knight418
4212242122 21 21 21
X22 21 21 21 21 21 21COS
42120X20 20
X20 20 21SBG
2335.1Void ElfWindwalkerMonk410
42120X20 18 16
X20 18 16 18AV

You can hover over the picture to see some extra information like the item level of the character. On the right side you will see the three Great Vault Reward slots and if you unlocked them you will see what item level you will be able to chose on next weekly reset. Here you can also hover over those cells to see what highest keys that character did this week. At the last cell you will see the current keystone that the character has. At this time this only works with the following requirements:
  • The user of the account of the character uses the addon Astral Keys
  • The character is a BattleNet friend or guildie of me
  • The keystone will get updated when I log in or out of the game
This is obviously not perfect, but I will work towards an option that other people have the possibility to install a tool on their computers to make this process a bit cleaner.

The following table will show examples of sharable pages that you can create yourself:

Examples of sharable pages Link to the page
All your characters in one overview Link to the page
All of the characters of your Mythic+ Group Link to the page
All your friends characters and yours in one overview Link to the page
All your guildies or your raid team in one overview Link to the page